Belated e-toast to Santi Santamaría

Last June, my brother, James Griffith, had the honor of working with Santi Santamaría. Jim, who is assistant vice president for Emirates Flight Catering, is very sanguine about his accomplishments and brushes with fame. In May 2010, he sent me a one-sentence e-mail: “I am going to be working with this guy during June to do our Madrid flight menus.” Accompanying it was a thumbnail … Continue reading Belated e-toast to Santi Santamaría

CLOSED // At long last injera: Ethiopian food comes to HNL

I started this blog with the happy discovery of a good pain au chocolat—something that did not exist in Honolulu before Fendu Boulangerie opened. On Thursday another non-indigenous craving was sated—at a pop-up Ethiopian restaurant. Now, every Thursday, J2 Asian Fusion, the offshoot of Praseuth Luangkhot’s JJ Bistro in Kaimuki, hosts Addis Ababa Hawaii’s Ethiopian Thursdays. Meron and James Spencer launched the event just three weeks ago—and 82 people showed up. On the event’s second night, 75 came for dinner, and this week the place was packed as well. A lot of the diners are some of Honolulu’s brightest academic stars—James is a political science professor at the University of Hawai‘i, so you can imagine what his email invitation list is like. (That’s how I found out about the dinner, from my American Studies superstar prof friend.) Meron is from Addis Ababa and she’s earned a name among friends for her dinner parties. The next step was taking it public. Continue reading “CLOSED // At long last injera: Ethiopian food comes to HNL”

Food trucks take new routes

In an effort to reach new audiences, food trucks are going beyond finding a mid-day spot to park near hungry cubicle dwellers. Most notable is the clustertruck known as Eat the Street—a lunch wagon confab organized by Poni Askew of the all-food-truck-all-the-time website The first one was held on Jan. 27 in the parking lot next to Jazz Minds Art & Cafe on Kapi‘olani … Continue reading Food trucks take new routes