Eater does Hawai‘i

Online food nexus and network has some good travel-to-eat guides—Paris and Lisbon for example. For the first time it highlights a U.S. state, and it happens to be Hawai‘i. Particularly good is Lavonne Leongʻs meditation on Zippyʻs. She encapsulates what makes Zippyʻs Zippyʻs in one sentence: “Locals, especially ex-pats, walk into a Zippy’s and exhale, because they’re finally in a place where Hawai‘i isn’t … Continue reading Eater does Hawai‘i

Pete Wells: Those are some poached cojones!

It takes a lot of poached cojones to take away a famed restaurant’s stars, as Pete Wells did to American food superstar Thomas Keller’s Per Se last week, revoking two of its four New York Times stars. And of course it was a seismic event that unleashed a tsunami of comments and editorials (I plead guilty!) on the Internet. No one wants to be disliked—respected food … Continue reading Pete Wells: Those are some poached cojones!

Tako dish at Vintage Cave Honolulu, May 10, 2014

Honolulu on Food + Wine Go List

Always a pleasure to work with the editors of Food + Wine magazine. Here’s Honolulu on their 2014 Go List. The hard part is culling down the list. Believe me, my initial report on what’s new in Honolulu included a lot more establishments. Another hard part is making a list that will be good for at least six months—just after this came out, Vintage Cave announced … Continue reading Honolulu on Food + Wine Go List