Gluten-free super Asian sauce

If you’re trying to eat wheat- or gluten-free (like me—I have a wheat sensitivity), you pretty much have to write off prepared Asian-style dressings or sauces because they usually contain shoyu, which contains wheat. Artizen by MW comes to the rescue with its yuzu kosho vinaigrette. Made with tamari (wheat-free shoyu), rice-wine vinegar, sugar, sesame oil, tons of sesame seeds and the spicy Japanese paste … Continue reading Gluten-free super Asian sauce

Must-see food TV: ‘Family Ingredients’ raises the local-production bar

Last night Alan Wong’s Pineapple Room hosted a preview screening of the new TV series pilot Family Ingredients, which airs on PBS Hawaii  this Thursday, May 23, at 9pm (repeats May 30 at 10pm).  You don’t want to miss it. The show is the concept of executive producer Heather Giugni, who tapped charismatic Ed Kenney, chef-owner of Town, to host the show. Behind the camera, she … Continue reading Must-see food TV: ‘Family Ingredients’ raises the local-production bar

New York Times essay winner heading to HI—looks forward to learning about food security efforts and trying poi

In March, Ariel Kaminer, author of the New York Times Magazine‘s “The Ethicist” column, invited people to send in essays answering the question: Is it ethical to eat meat? The results were published in last Sunday’s issue, and the winner, Jay Bost, is planning to move to Hawai‘i next year to pursue a Ph.D. in tropical plant and soil science. The agroecologist currently teaches at … Continue reading New York Times essay winner heading to HI—looks forward to learning about food security efforts and trying poi

One more reason to go to Ka‘imuki: Salt

Today Salt Kitchen & Tasting Bar officially opens at 5pm. This is the first Honolulu opening I’ve looked forward to in a long time. Why? It’s a Kevin Hanney production, and he’s teamed up with Robert McGee, who came to Honolulu from Portland’s Slow Bar and opened the kitchen at apartm3nt. Hanney blazed a trail with 12th Avenue Grill in 2005, and he’s doing it … Continue reading One more reason to go to Ka‘imuki: Salt

CLOSED // At long last injera: Ethiopian food comes to HNL

I started this blog with the happy discovery of a good pain au chocolat—something that did not exist in Honolulu before Fendu Boulangerie opened. On Thursday another non-indigenous craving was sated—at a pop-up Ethiopian restaurant. Now, every Thursday, J2 Asian Fusion, the offshoot of Praseuth Luangkhot’s JJ Bistro in Kaimuki, hosts Addis Ababa Hawaii’s Ethiopian Thursdays. Meron and James Spencer launched the event just three weeks ago—and 82 people showed up. On the event’s second night, 75 came for dinner, and this week the place was packed as well. A lot of the diners are some of Honolulu’s brightest academic stars—James is a political science professor at the University of Hawai‘i, so you can imagine what his email invitation list is like. (That’s how I found out about the dinner, from my American Studies superstar prof friend.) Meron is from Addis Ababa and she’s earned a name among friends for her dinner parties. The next step was taking it public. Continue reading “CLOSED // At long last injera: Ethiopian food comes to HNL”


NOTE Dec 15, 2010: Zaratez Mexicatessen now has a permanent residency in Kapahulu at 3121 Mokihana St, in the parking lot up the street from Waiola Shave Ice (heading makai on Kapahulu, turn left at Burgers on the Edge). A two-taco plate from Paul Zarate’s Zaratez Mexicatessen lunch wagon (just $7, WITH a drink!). On the left carnitas, the right chorizo (instant winnah!). The carnitas … Continue reading Chorizoooooo!

Kaua‘i find: Living Foods Market + Cafe

San Francisco transplant (and a 1996 Food+Wine Best New Chef) Jim Moffat is going island wide. With his Bar Acuda in Hanalei getting play in every national food magazine (though not so known in Hawai‘i—why???), in January he expanded to the other end of Kaua‘i with Living Foods Market and Cafe in the faux old plantation mall Kukui‘ula Village just up the road from Po‘ipu Beach. Continue reading “Kaua‘i find: Living Foods Market + Cafe”

Kaua’i Grill Part I: The gala dinner

Over the past decade, brand-name chefs who have gone global with their food, conquering new cities like culinary Alexanders, have been scrutinized—is it really possible to run an empire and retain the quality and innovation that made the name in the first place? Alain Ducasse, Nobu Matsuhisa, Gordon Ramsay, and, closer to home, Roy Yamaguchi, are some of the kitchen stars who have turned into meteor showers. Continue reading “Kaua’i Grill Part I: The gala dinner”

Philadelphia: Don’t waste space on cheesesteaks

Deceivingly simple looking rabbit stew at Kanella in Philadelphia. When someone tells you he’s taking you to a Greek-Cypriot restaurant in Philadelphia, you expect rustic, hearty Mediterranean food—some grilled fish, melitzanosalata, baklava—right? Well Kanella is a Greek-Cypriot restaurant and that’s not what was served. OK, yes, those things are on the menu, but executed at another level from the Greek joint you normally go to. And after reading this Philadelphia Inquirer review, anyone would expect more. Continue reading “Philadelphia: Don’t waste space on cheesesteaks”