Nobu’s Ma’o-ized omakase menu

You’d think word that Nobu Matsuhisa was in town and that he’d be cooking at his Waikiki outpost for a week would fill up the restaurant’s reservation book. But it was easy to get a same-day table for two on his last night on the island. And I was thankful. The restaurant’s special “Ma‘O Farms Locally Inspired Menu” on Thursday was worth the celeb-chef-in-town hype. The first dish (pictured above) had nothing to do with the Wai‘anae farm/leadership training station, but included the best treatment of the Big Island-farmed baby abalone every restaurant in town feels obligated to use. Continue reading “Nobu’s Ma’o-ized omakase menu”

Dough boy

Alejandro Briceno and his wood-burning oven

This tweet from @kiawe_fire says it all: “Dough is not right today ,,, so I’m not serving pizza!!! Sorry ill b back 2morrow.” That’s the twalias of Alejandro Briceño, former Nobu Waikiki pastry chef turned pizzaiolo. Instead of deconstructing shave ice and performing chocolate alchemy for one of the world’s most prestigious celeb-chef chains (Briceño’s Nobu desserts were stellar), he’s now baking pies—the Neapolitan kind. And that kind is all about the dough, which he happens to make from Caputo flour—”la farina di Napoli”—imported from Italy, and known internationally as the flour to use to make pizza.

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