Bruce Bromberg: How he fell for Hawai‘i + the origin of his famed bone marrow

For a Modern Luxury Hawai‘i assignment, I was lucky to be able to interview three chefs participating in this year’s Hawai‘i Food & Wine Festival, happening Oct. 14–30 on three islands and with more kitchen and bar talent than ever before. I figured most media would be mobbing the new names—especially returning local heroes Chung Chow of New York’s Noreetuh and Ravi Kapur of Liho Liho Yacht … Continue reading Bruce Bromberg: How he fell for Hawai‘i + the origin of his famed bone marrow

Honolulu gets a Tour d’Argent chef

After more than a year’s search, Halekulani has finally found a new chef de cuisine for  La Mer—Alexandre Trancher. He comes from La Tour d’Argent in the New Otani Tokyo, where he was executive chef, and before that he was the sous chef at the storied La Tour d’Argent in Paris. He’s already made his mark on Honolulu’s bastion of formal French dining. Continue reading Honolulu gets a Tour d’Argent chef

Farewell to a stand-up colleague

I am shocked and saddened by the news of John Heckathorn’s death today, following a heart attack on Christmas day. For all his blustery persona, he was a kind and generous peer in the food-writing racket. He shared news with and lavishly praised the competition (like me). He made going to food-related press events fun. And, most important, he chronicled the islands’ food scene in … Continue reading Farewell to a stand-up colleague

Land of opportunity?

Last year I attended a Slow Food O‘ahu event—a talk by Gary Nabhan, author of Coming Home to Eat, on reviving food traditions. His lecture and slide show were followed by a panel discussion, really a talk story session with everyone sitting in a circle in the community room at Queen Emma Palace, with local farming celebrities Ka‘ala Farm’s Eric Enos, taro farmer Paul Reppun and MA‘O Organic Farms‘ Gary and Kukui Maunakea Forth. Continue reading “Land of opportunity?”

Healthy and homecooked to go: Cooking Fresh for You

Michi Harris was the highlight of family parties. From a “poke bar” to a fragrant beef rendang that rivals Indigo’s, her contribution always trumped the inevitable baking pan of sushi rice on the potluck table. I know—she’s my cousin. She also catered events for the family business, Harris Agency, cooking for 200-plus people at a shot.

“A girlfriend told me you should do this as a business,” says Harris. “And my sister said to me, ‘You just love to feed people don’t you?’ I realized I do love to cook. I cook all day now, and I still love it.”
Last year Harris turned her innate talent—she’s self-taught—into a business and launched Michi’s Cooking Fresh for You, a prepared-meal service. Now she’s making dinner for about 60 people twice a week. Continue reading “Healthy and homecooked to go: Cooking Fresh for You”

In other news

• The website—founded by New York Times food writer Amanda Hesser and freelance food writer and recipe tester Merrill Stubbs—is in beta testing and looking for crack home cooks to try it out and give feedback. broke the news with video.

• Today I sent a tweet to @amandahesser saying “Good cameo in ‘Julie & Julia’! And she replied: “Thanks!” Swoooon.

Halekulani is taking a cue from Craft‘s Tom Tuesday Dinners and launching Table One next month. It will be a restaurant-within-a-restaurant in Orchids, offering tasting menus by Vikram Garg. I’m really looking forward to this. Continue reading “In other news”