I was going to call this blog Girl Eats World, riffing off of band name Jimmy Eats World. Then I google-fued it and lo—taken. Luckily my pal Trisha Lagaso Goldberg is cleverer than me and tweeted the word “eatizen.” My palate was developed in Hawai‘i, Ghana, the Congo, Jordan, Indonesia, Switzerland, and New York. I’ve eaten stew made from a duiker abandoned by poachers in the Cameroon bush and sardines topped with cacao nibs by Wylie Dufresne. I’ve worked as an editor on the Time Out New York Eating+Drinking guide, reviewed restaurants for Honolulu Weekly and Honolulu Advertiser, write for Food+Wine and Modern Luxury Hawaii and act as personal restaurant guide for friends and family. I like to tell people what’s good (or what I think is good). This blog’s for you.

As featured on Lei Chic and Honolulu Weekly.


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  1. Yay! We’ve terribly missed your restaurant-vetting expertise all these years, and have been mainly awash at sea. Now back on it: I love it!

  2. I MISSED reading your restaurant experiences! There’s just a few (actually only 2) writers in Hawaii whose food musings are so savory and Eatizen Jane is one of them!

  3. Don’t subscribe to the Advertiser any longer since you no longer review for them,so am happy to read your musings on eating here.Thank goodness for the internet! Ate the bouef bourguignon per your suggestion for my birthday dinner and it was as you perfectly described! Tres delicieux! Merci. RMC

  4. Cancelled subscription to Advertiser due no reviews by you, so am happy to read your musings on eating here. Ate boeuf bourguignon per your suggestion for my birthday & it was as you perfectly described! Tres delicieux! Merci, RMC

  5. Hi, I know this is probably a hopeless request, but I saw that you’ve eaten in Ghana, and I was wondering if you know of anywhere on Oahu that has something like West African food? I studied and ate there for about four months and man, sometimes I get cravings.

    1. Hi Kelsey, Thanks for your question! Cool that you lived in Ghana! Were you in Accra? Unfortunately, no, there is nothing close to West African food here. I bought the cookbook “A Taste of Africa” by Dorinda Hafner to satisfy my cravings. And the New York Times has a good Senegalese lamb stew recipe. Do you like Ethiopian food? I know it’s nothing like Ghanaian cuisine, but it is delicious, and I’m happy to report that you can now get Ethiopian food here! Two weeks ago, J’s Asian Fusion (3441 Waialae Ave) started hosting Meron Spencer on Thursday nights. She cooks a full menu of wot and tibs, served atop injera of course. $25 prix fixe. Email addisababahawaii@gmail.com for more info and to make reservations. I’ll be doing a blog post soon.

  6. Hey Jane,

    We are a newly married couple visiting Honolulu right now to celebrate our honeymoon. We are not very much into typical tourist fare. Any serious DO NOT MISS eating here suggestions for some Midwestern foodies visiting the island this week?


    1. Dear Tomcobombco,
      I hope you had a fantastic honeymoon! I am so sorry I missed your query. Where did you wind up going? I would have told you to go to Ono Hawaiian Foods for a taste of the traditional, and then on to Town, 12th Avenue Grill, Salt Kitchen and Bar, and Hiroshi Eurasion Tapas to sample the contemporary food scene. For super local experience, if you were driving around the island, I would have told you to stop at Kahuku Superette for ‘ahi poke, Holoholo Stop truck for kulolo, Ted’s Bakery for some pie. Again, I am so sorry about this belated response. Hope you will be back! aloha, Eatizen Jane

  7. Ethiopian food lovers, it is here in honolulu again! I just found out about them ” they are located in chinatown.”

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