New and about to be new

Andrew Le

While the #HFWF2013 grandstanding frenzy inundates your instagram feed, just a reminder that when the celeb chefs leave town, there are some new places anyone can visit anytime, and others to look forward to!

• The Pig & the Lady opens next month. No more being beholden to the Farmers Market schedule and sold-out pop-up dinners to get your fix of Andrew Le’s elegant Southeast-Asian-influenced cuisine and his mother Loan Le’s popular traditional noodle soups. The family-run enterprise has partnered with the Pacific Gateway Center to take over its space at 83 N King St (at the corner of Smith Street)—replacing Lemongrass Cafe. Pacific Gateway Center has been the jumping off point for countless delicious businesses, its Culinary Kitchen Incubator in Kalihi hatching everything from PacifiKool ginger syrup to Let Them Eat Cupcakes baked goodies. Fans have been waiting a long time for this—some since Andrew wowed diners with his intense Vietnamese-flavored sauces that he introduced at Chef Mavro when he was sous chef there three years ago. You’ll get the noodle house/street food fare at lunch, and tasting menus as dinner—to appease both ends of the eating spectrum. See the press release. (TPTL gets gold stars for best communications with its public! Whoever is doing the website content is doing a well-written job.)

• MW Restaurant opens next month. Some couples can’t be separated for one second. Michelle Karr, until a second ago the pastry chef at Alan Wong’s, and her husband Wade Ueoka, until a second ago the chef at nightspot Tsunami, are opening a second-generation Pacific Regional Cuisine restaurant at the new Shops at Kapiolani, across the street from Ala Moana Center. The pair met at Alan Wong’s (where Ueoka was executive chef before jumping ship to Tsunami)., Shops at Kapiolani, 1538 Kapi‘olani Blvd

• Peruvian chicken lands in Honolulu! Anyone who loves to eat and has spent time in New York knows how good Peruvian rotisserie chicken is (especially at the burgeoning Pio Pio chain). Now Honolulu has its own—Rico Rico, in the space that was home to HK Restaurant (miss their hand-shaped burgers!), across from the new Longs (old Star Market). Rico Rico, 946 Coolidge St. at King Street, 383-9179, facebook

• Downtown gets a second sort-of Lebanese restaurant. Haven’t tried it yet, but opened in Chinatown is Kan Zaman—billed as a Moroccan-Lebanese eatery. They just changed the name of their facebook page to Zzzzzz, so don’t know what’s going on with that. These two cuisines are pretty different, and judging from the photos it skews Moroccan. And the shish taouk is chicken nuggets on skewers, not shaved off a proper rotisserie. But still looking forward to trying. (The other Lebanese spot is It’s Good and Healthy.)
Kan Zaman, 1028 Nu‘uanu Ave,


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