Lamb jam: 12th Avenue Grill celebrates spring with these seasonal babies


Tonight and the next three Mondays, 12th Avenue Grill is the place to go if you love lamb (as I do). Each week, chef Jason Schoonover will highlight a different cut of lamb. The series is born out of 12th Avenue Grill restaurateur Kevin Hanney partnering with the Maui Cattle Co. in effort to cultivate spring in Hawai‘i as a “food event.”

Last spring, Hanney visited the consortium of ranches that make up Maui Cattle Co., and found they couldn’t keep up with demand. “But the Maui Cattle Co. ranchers, partnering with Kevin Hanney, are committed to creating exciting yearly events bringing the local, flavorful grassfed, hormone-free meats to a wider local audience,” according to a press release from 12th Avenue Grill.


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