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I’ve always thought Chuck Furuya, master sommelier (and more) for D.K. Kodama Restaurants, would make a great social media personality—he’s got the gift of gab making wine education fun. His rudimentary email newsletters have always been a breezy yet informative read. Well, look out world. Facebook Chuck has finally been unleashed, and he wants you to be his friend. If you like insider wine news, I urge you to give him a click. He’s uploading shots from his wine travels with his wife (and Hiroshi manager) Cheryle Gomez, like the one above of a Cornas vineyard. See a super closeup shot of Paso Robles limestone, and why it produces good vines; find out which reisling-auslese is one of the best wines Chuck has ever had (and who gave it to him); see Chuck with octogenarian Provençal food legend Lulu Peyraud, who cooked for him. And of course find out the latest happenings at Vino, Hiroshi and d.k. Steak House—like that d.k. serves Meyer Company Ranch grassfed beef from Montana. (Although he won’t answer your question asking whether it’s wet- or dry-aged.)

Keith Endo under the influence (of Italy)
Since I’m on the topic of D.K. Kodama restaurants—Vino chef Keith Endo went on an eating tour of Italy this past spring. He shares his experiences at a cooking demo on June 14, 6pm—oh that’s today! In one hour! The demo includes ricotta-and-mozzarella arancini. Mmm. I miss the arancini at Di Palo Fine Foods in New York. Holy cow, just discovered Di Palo’s finally produced a website! And they deliver! I can get Giuseppi Giusti balsamic vinegar again! Hurrah! Since there’s no way you’re going to make it to the demo tonight, if you’re just finding out about it here, don’t worry—Keith’s new spring menu includes dishes influenced by his trip. Stuff like Sicilian-style hardboiled eggs and a crisp branzino with tomato, olives and caperberries. (Keith makes me think of Gov. Ariyoshi—quiet but effective.)

Free dessert at Tango
Goran Streng’s Tango Contemporary Cafe is also trying out online marketing—go to their website for a free dessert coupon, good when you buy two entrées at dinner. Not lunch—prices are so crazy cheap at lunch he’d lose money if he offered free dessert.

What’s the best restaurant in the Pacific-Hawaii region? is asking eaters to vote for the best restaurant in the Pacific-Hawaii region. A Scottsdale, Arizona, restaurant is one of the candidates, but whatever. Two Hawaii restaurants are contenders—Sansei on Maui and La Mer. Now that’s a head scratcher. Who did the nominations? Now’s your chance to chime in for your favorite. Voting is open through June 24.

New on Kapahulu: Dream Family
Drove down Kapahulu on my way to play pétanque and eat pâté and jamón serrano, not necessarily in that order, and noticed the storefront next to Ono Hawaiian Food is now called Dream Family. With a name like that, I thought “Oh! New kooky nihonjin restaurant! What weird theme do they have?” I just called them to find out it’s a Chinese restaurant that casts a wide local net. So along with “black bean sauce chicken” and “char siu noodle soup,” you can also get hamburger steak and mochiko chicken. A google-fu revealed photos on the blog Parkrat’s Playground.

Best dish I’ve eaten in last couple weeks: Lamb bhuna at Himalayan Kitchen


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