In other news

• The website—founded by New York Times food writer Amanda Hesser and freelance food writer and recipe tester Merrill Stubbs—is in beta testing and looking for crack home cooks to try it out and give feedback. broke the news with video.

• Today I sent a tweet to @amandahesser saying “Good cameo in ‘Julie & Julia’! And she replied: “Thanks!” Swoooon.

Halekulani is taking a cue from Craft‘s Tom Tuesday Dinners and launching Table One next month. It will be a restaurant-within-a-restaurant in Orchids, offering tasting menus by Vikram Garg. I’m really looking forward to this.

Brasserie Du Vin cooks up “A Taste of Thai” July 27—wines paired with spicy seafood soup, chicken satay, steamed custard in nectarines with papaya sauce (!). Call 545-1115.

Vino‘s summer menu is in full force: Watermelon and tomato “gazpacho” (it’s not a soup, more of a diced salad atop a layer of cukes), panko-crusted artichoke hearts, and more. And Communal Table is tomorrow. There might be a couple spots left, if you really wanna try: lamb sausage with tomato, lemon and mint orzo; braised shredded lamb shoulder tossed with fresh porcini pappardelle; seared lamb chops with red wine risotto. Keith Endo, you’re killin’ me! It’s your food we wanted to eat after seeing “Julie & Julia” but Vino IS CLOSED ON MONDAYS.


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