My brother and Marco Pierre White

img_01771I’m proud of my brother. We were worried he wouldn’t graduate from high school (he went to Roosevelt for a year and finished up at the international school in Bahrain) and now he oversees the world’s largest “capacity airline catering kitchen” in Dubai. (Yes, the airline is Emirates.) He says that “there are quite a lot of people that want to come and take a look.” Those people have included Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White, star of the latest food reality show The Chopping Block and teacher of Ramsay back in the day. Both have opened restaurants in Dubai (Verre and Frankie’s). That’s my younger sibling Jim Griffith with Marco last year. Jim is a member of the Emirates Culinary Guild and does things like work with Ed Baines (another English celeb chef—and ex-Armani model!) at the huge annual Dubai Air Show. Jim and his family fly into the HNL in August. I’m looking forward to taking him on a food tour. On his last visit in 2006 I took him and his wife Eliette to dinner at Chef Mavro and Jim said it was the best dinner he had had in a while.



2 thoughts on “My brother and Marco Pierre White

  1. You and your family are so talented and cool! Let’s go to Dubai together and we’ll eat our way through the Wild-West-Meets-Las-Vegas of the Middle East.

  2. Hi! I’m trying to find a way to get in touch with Jim Griffith….we were friends in Jakarta in middle school and then went to high school in Bahrain together…….can you get me in touch? Kathy Tussey

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